There is no better soup for the soul than decluttering unwanted clothing with a timely spring clean. We’ve been taking inspiration from organisation expert Marie Kondo, who has revolutionised the process with her Netflix series and popular books.

Her approach to organisation focuses on cleansing yourself of negative energy created by unnecessary possessions, and we couldn’t agree more. Which is why we’re breaking down some of our favourite Konmari techniques to help you master the art of spring cleaning your wardrobe.

Pile everything – yes, we mean everything:

Collect every item of clothing you own, one category at a time, and pile them all together. Most of us never see our clothing in this way. Our clothes are usually divided up into our drawers, bedside cabinets, cupboards… and perhaps the good old floordrobe. Grouping everything together will allow you to see how many clothes you actually have.


Literally hold every item:

Now that everything is in front of you, hold each item separately. Look at it and ask yourself:

  • Have I worn this item in the last six months?
  • Does this item make me happy?
  • If I lost this item would I miss it?
  • Why do I keep this item of clothing?

The trick is to cleanse yourself of unnecessary clutter. Forget the cost of the item when you purchased it, that doesn’t matter anymore. You need to think about its value to you now.

Make a new (hopefully much smaller) pile of clothes that you are willing to keep – every single item should add value to your life. Once you’ve rummaged through your entire wardrobe, you’ll have filtered out all of the unnecessary clothes that you’ve been unintentionally hanging on to.

Please remember to dispose of your unwanted clothes sustainably. Just because you no longer love these clothes, it doesn’t mean they can’t be loved by somebody else.

Most garments can be recycled, or you can keep them to one side for when we reopen. When you pass on your clothes to us, you’re reducing your carbon footprint as well as earning 40p per kg as a thank you. More information about our current status amid COVID-19 can be found here.


Review other aspects of your life this way:

Finally, it’s useful to remember that these spring cleaning techniques can be applied to other aspects of your life, including your job, personal relationships, possessions and even your diet.

Unfortunately, there’s no collection service for negative family members, but it is important to prioritise your own happiness and declutter your life from unnecessary burdens and stress.