Your summer holidays might look a little different this year, but with plenty of staycation options to choose from, you can still make the most of the season. So wherever you’re heading, we’ve rounded up our top sustainable summer fashion tips to help you prepare.

Upcycle, upcycle, upcycle:

An easy way to dispose of wanted clothing is to not dispose of them at all. Upcycling can turn preloved items into reloved clothing and accessories. You can transform that old pair of jeans into shorts, and a tired t-shirt into a face covering or a cleaning cloth. Get creative with your upcycling… the possibilities are endless!

Lightweight and breathable eco-friendly fabrics:

One of the biggest fashion myths is that synthetic fabrics make the best summer clothes. We’re here to debunk this once and for all, because the opposite is true.

That’s why it’s time to (sustainably) ditch your nylons, polyesters and acrylics, and embrace biodegradable natural materials with a smaller carbon footprint. When looking for the perfect summer threads, keep yourself feeling cool and fresh with these lightweight, breathable and sustainable materials:

Linen – This quick-drying fabric is made from flax plant fibres, and is biodegradable and incredibly long-lasting. It’s perfect for the summer, as it can withstand high temperatures and doesn’t hold nasty bacteria. We recommend opting for natural coloured linen, as this doesn’t require a heavy bleaching process.

Hemp ­­– The hemp plant is known as ‘marijuana’s sober cousin’, as it’s not psychoactive (but you may feel a slight high from the good you’re doing for Mother Earth). Its physical properties are very similar to linen yet even more versatile ­– keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Merino wool ­– This fabric is grown by the Merino sheep in Oceania. It is naturally antibacterial outperforms every other fabric in terms of moisture-wicking. For summer, we recommend lightweight Merino wool clothes to keep the hot air out. Then, when you’re ready to dispose of your garment, you can pop it in your compost as the wool will completely break down to its basic elements.

Spring clean, summer clean, autumn clean, winter clean:

You don’t have to wait until next March to start a spring clean. There’s never a bad season to cleanse your life of the unwanted clothes filling up your wardrobe.

Set aside a few hours to go through each item, getting rid of anything you haven’t worn in over a year. Don’t overthink it: if the garment doesn’t add value to your life now, let it go.

You can sustainably dispose of your clothes at one of our North East kiosks, or we can safely collect them from your doorstep with our free home collection service. Your old clothes will be kept in circulation loved once again, and we’ll pay you £0.40 per kilogram as a thank you.