Reducing the amount of waste you produce can sound like a complicated task. But at Enviroclothes we believe it doesn’t have to be difficult to make a positive contribution. So we’ve broken it down and created this beginner’s guide to zero waste.

Kick plastic to the curb! (Then pick it up and recycle it)

One of the easiest ways to start your zero waste journey is by cutting down on the amount of plastic you use in your day-to-day life. Try switching bottled water for tap water (trust us – it really doesn’t taste that different), and if you’re feeling fancy, you can always treat yourself to an old-school glass bottle of cola!

Supermarkets are also offering more non-packaged fruit and veg these days. And you can even bring your own eco-friendly produce bags with you. If you use a bag for life, remember to store it in an easy-to-remember location. (Not in that dark corner of the under-stair cupboard!)


Bring your own drinking vessels

One of the biggest offenders of non-recyclable waste is coffee shops. Although companies are looking for a solution, there are currently no viable alternatives for the popular polystyrene lined cups used by most coffee companies.

To tackle this, many high street coffee shops are offering discounts to customers who bring their own reusable tumbler or cup: Starbucks is offering 25p off every cup of coffee they sell in a reusable vessel, Pret-A-Manger is offering 50p off, and Caffè Nero is giving away double reward stamps towards a free cup of coffee. So why not reduce the amount of waste you produce and save yourself some cash in the process?


Consider what you’re throwing away

Make sure your own household recycling is properly organised. Pay attention to what your local authority has deemed recyclable in your area. Adding un-recyclable goods that you’ve assumed will be okay will hinder the recycling process.

In the UK alone, we throw away around 350,000 tonnes of clothes a year! Instead, why not consider swapping, donating, upcycling or selling your unwanted garments. And if you think that lugging around bags of clothes and accessories sounds exhausting, never fear: we offer free home collections and you’ll receive £0.40 per kg of clothing as a thank you!


Embrace second-hand shopping

Finally, you can save items from going to waste by scouting your local charity shops! Fashion has never been so diverse. See what interesting outfits you can put together with other people’s preloved goods.

You’re no longer limited to purchasing items in shops, either. You can now find lots of fantastic second-hand clothes, accessories and books on websites like eBay, Abebooks, Facebook Marketplace and many more digital stores!