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A Year in Review: Fashion Consumption in 2020

2020-12-31T17:13:37+00:00December 31st, 2020|Tips and Tricks|

2020 will go down in history for many reasons, but especially for being a year of monumental changes. Over the past 12 months, living through a pandemic became a reality, staying at home became the norm, and global events transformed people’s lives the world over. In the year that ‘WFH’ went mainstream and ‘Zoom’ took

How to embrace slow fashion

2020-10-26T21:03:07+00:00July 7th, 2020|Healthy Mindset|

Slow fashion is the ultimate counterculture movement to the wasteful and unsustainable fast fashion industry. It’s all about buying less and buying to last. So if you’re ready to change your clothing consumption habits, keep reading to find out how to embrace slow fashion. Quality over quantity: Many shoppers make the mistake of thinking that

We’re Reopening!

2020-10-26T20:58:47+00:00June 9th, 2020|Company News|

After our unexpected hiatus we are pleased to announce that both our home collection and kiosk services will reopen from Monday 22nd June. • Please ensure you bag your items at least 72 hours before using our services to limit any cross-contamination, in accordance with Government regulations. • Our booking system is active again here

How to change the world with your wardrobe

2020-10-26T20:59:30+00:00May 26th, 2020|Tips and Tricks|

The fashion industry’s negligence when it comes to the environment continues to alarm us. Not only does fashion production account for 10% of annual global carbon emissions, but it’s also the second largest consumer of the world’s water supply. With the rise of fast, disposable fashion, there’s a clear lack of progressive change being made.

The art of spring cleaning your wardrobe

2020-10-26T21:00:27+00:00May 11th, 2020|Tips and Tricks|

There is no better soup for the soul than decluttering unwanted clothing with a timely spring clean. We’ve been taking inspiration from organisation expert Marie Kondo, who has revolutionised the process with her Netflix series and popular books. Her approach to organisation focuses on cleansing yourself of negative energy created by unnecessary possessions, and we

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